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I remember the vertigo that I felt when, for the first time, I asked myself where the limits were and I did not find an answer. I was sitting in front of a map and my imagination started to fly. I decided that I would advance every kilometer, I would go up every mountain and I would cross every valley driven only by my legs turning in the everlasting cycle of the pedals. I wanted to feel every region, its cold and heat, its humidity and its aridity, to listen to it and smell it and integrate it into the landscape without leaving any trace but the trace of my wheels in the mud.

I left without knowing what I would find and I found myself.

I understood that all the warnings about what could happen to me out there were unfounded, since “out there” I only met more people who warned me about the same thing but in a different language. The only thing I knew with certainty when I came back was that, after having spent some time living austerely in the middle of nature, I began to disembark.

Since then, I dedicate my time to the search and implementation of alternative lifestyles. Developing skills and creating tools that allow me to live with greater autonomy and less dependence.

Why on a bicycle?

The most important revelation I have had during a decade of travels across three continents has been to understand our eco-dependence. Check the fact that our actions have consequences, in many cases, made invisible.

So, the bicycle, is presented as the ideal means of transport to travel long distances without burning fossil fuels and holistically respecting the wild environments through which my journeys.

Next challenge?

At the beginning of 2019 I started pedaling towards Scandinavia to be part of an ecosocial project on an island in the Baltic Sea for 12 months.


Brais Palmás


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