Meet our Geosmina Ambassadors:

Who is Javi (Freewheel) ?

Javi’s interest in sports began many years ago. His main focus used to be running, “but my knees started giving out and I decided to try cycling.” He initially only did mountain biking, but his weight and size were not particularly conducive. Since switching to road cycling, things have changed significantly, to the point that mountain passes and climbs have become his biggest strength.

What are your hobbies?

Cycling, and the tougher the challenge the better. Long journeys with endless stages.

Why bikepacking?

Bikepacking enables me to visit places that are only possible thanks to my bike, carrying only the bare essentials for guaranteed enjoyment. Throughout this trip-project (Freewheel), aside from fulfilling a dream and helping the needy, we are discovering charming small towns in various countries. The experience is exceeding our expectations. A bicycle lets you travel longer distances than running, and this, combined with the benefits of bikepacking, is very convenient because you can vary routes and discover exciting surprises that further enrich a trip.

What is your next bikepacking goal/challenge?

I have always wanted to do the Camino de Santiago. Although it may seem to be an easier trip or typical for a Spaniard, I really like the idea of doing it, so I’m trying to convince someone to join me. On another note, the TCR is a beautiful event with a philosophy and perspective that really catch my attention, but it may not be a realistic short-term goal.



Favorite Geosmina products:
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