Meet our Geosmina Ambassadors:

Who is Juan (Freewheel) ?

Juan was born in Granada (Spain) in 1994. He studied computer science in Madrid and now lives in Zurich, Switzerland. At first he rode his bicycle to commute to work, but he soon started adding kilometers to the route and dreaming of bike touring. With support from Geosmina and other entities, in the summer of 2018 he traveled across Spain to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief with the Freewheel project.

What are your hobbies?

Aside from cycling, I also love skiing and sailing.

Why bikepacking?

“For me, cycling started out as a mode of transportation, and being able to travel far on a bike has always been my goal when training. I like the feeling of adventure and self-sufficiency that traveling on a bike offers, and bikepacking combines these elements along with speed, comfort and stability. Spending many hours on a bike, alone with your thoughts, is also very special. After several days on the road, you are able to see certain aspects of your life from a different perspective. Being able to travel with my legs as the limit is what motivates me the most when training throughout the year.”

What is your next bikepacking goal/challenge?

In the short term, I would like to do a couple of solo trips around Europe and visit all the people that I met on my previous trip and with whom I would like to spend more time. In the long term, my goal is to participate in the Transcontinental. It’s quite difficult to get a spot, so I will continue to train and travel until then.



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