Meet our Geosmina Ambassadors:

Who is Martín Gianelli?

Martin Gianelli, Argentine and Spaniard. A diehard enthusiast of every form of cycling. Since my first cycling trip from Bariloche to Ushuaia in 2016, I became completely hooked on this way of traveling. Bike touring has a way of grabbing hold of us and never letting go. As a mechanic (specializing in everything from plane engines to bikes, cars and more), I’m the type of person who can build a paraglider from two flanges and some wire, so every adventure I take on is a challenge, and the tougher the BETTER.

What are your hobbies?

Downhill, enduro and hardcore mountain biking, snowboarding, long-distance cycling tours, the mountains, the desert and more.

What are some of your past challenges?

I began bike touring two years ago. In 2016, I did the Bariloche-Ushuaia route on my own. I started out alone and finished with three good friends I made along the way. They’re amazing!
My brother Nacho and I explored Iceland in 2017, and that same year I crossed the Andes through Paso Socompa and returned through Paso Jama along Route 40 to reach Salta.
It is not a matter of comparing and ranking the trips. They are all different, with different landscapes and situations. Just about everything happened to my brother and me in Iceland as we made our way to Ushuaia alongside Franco and Gisela, who took care of me like family (luckily they are doctors!). Every journey has its own essence and charm.
On my most recent trip with Geosmina bags, I discovered the solitude of the desert and the immensity of the mountains, which is something I believe everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Why bikepacking?

On one of my trips, I met an Argentine who was traveling around the world with bikepacking bags. I had always traveled with panniers and a rear rack, but bikepacking stuck in my mind and I wanted to try it on my next trip. And Geosmina helped make this a reality. I was excited about the idea of traveling with just the basics and a 29+ bike that offers extra comfort and the ability to ride on loose terrain, without relying on eyelets for a rear rack. I was able to drop into narrow trails and paths that would have been impossible with panniers. I loved the bikepacking experience and think it’s a great way to travel. 

Martín Gianelli 


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