Meet our Geosmina Ambassadors:

Who is MuyGravel?

Eduardo Grande Luque, Master 30, resident in Córdoba (a place where you can enjoy the bike from the front door).

What are your hobbies?

A part of the bike (which is obvious), ……., Trail run, hiking, … always inventing some outdoor sports !!. More than a hobby bicycle would describe it as a PASSION in any modality, either as an urban mobility medium, or in a gruop on the road, or enjoying the places and smells that the mountain gives you.

What were your previous challenges and what will be the future ones?

The last one has been crossing to Portugal from Lepe (Huelva) crossing by barge and entering the Portuguese Algarve. They have the Ecovia where you can enjoy several days of bikepacking. We started in the province of Huelva, to enter Portugal through Vila Real de San Antonio and ending at Cabo de San Vicente all divided into three stages, where we can move forward during the morning and in the afternoon to be able to do tourism and get into in the area where we will spend the night. As a result 340km where to enjoy the bike and the environment.

Challenges for the near future?

I want to go back to Santiago, we are already planning the Camino de Santiago via la Plata. Soon we will also return to Veleta and some Bikepacking in Andalusia in the Córdoba-Sevilla-Huelva area.

Why Bikepacking?

If you like to travel and practice cycling regularly in any of its forms, I think the result is Bikepacking. The bicycle allows you to know charming places and get into them. The rhythm of the trip marks you, it allows you a great independence, the power to organize according to your desire that day of pedaling, state of form and concerns of that place for which you are going.

Why do it with a gravel bike, is for the comfort it gives to spend hours on it, and can access roads, secondary roads whose firm is very irregular. More solid bicycles to add an extra baggage weight to travel.

Eduardo Grande (MuyGravel)


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