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Delving into new adventures means gaining new, exciting experiences and at the same time facing our own doubts and challenges, while striving to realize our goals and enjoying our passion for travelling. A new adventure calls for new products to help us overcome each and every obstacle that presents itself to us, while ensuring a high degree of efficacy, comfort and improving our experience in nature.

Traveling fills us with life and at the same time it offers us the possibility of getting to know ourselves a little better with each kilometer, each climb, each landscape that makes it on our list of unforgettable experiences. We want you to be the one who oversees the steering wheel and decides when, where and how things are supposed to happen. We want you to be the one who decides which of the bags from our wide range, fits best to meet your needs and which bag will be your faithful companion on your trails. We want you to feel free. That’s our goal as a company. We hope you like our new line of products 100% GEOSMINA. Our new line is the product of our meticulous attention to detail and our way of studying each characteristic to a T, to enable us to have your back in all situations and to present to you a product line that is 100% dedicated to YOU!

We want you to enjoy your trips like you have never done before and we want to accompany you along the way.


New line 2022

bolsas sillín bikepacking Geosmina

Seat Bags

If your cycling option is bikepacking, the seat bag is the essential bag for your medium and long distance adventures. Light, resistant and 100% waterproof.

bolsas cuadro bikepacking Geosmina

Frame Bags

This bags will allow you to take all your essentials on your cycling, mtb, gravel, road or urban commuting cycling outings. Several options and sizes to suit your needs.

bolsas manillar bikepacking Geosmina

Handlebar Bags

Its stability will make you forget that you are carrying your luggage suspended on your gravel, road or mtb handlebars. Your sleeping bag, clothes or your tent will travel safe from water and dirt.

bolsas horquilla bikepacking Geomsina

Fork bags

The cargo cage for bikepacking lowers the center of gravity on your bike in a simple way without affecting stability. Valid for suspension forks or rigid forks.

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Products 2022

New Line 2022
Stem Pouch bag


New line 2022
Small Handlebar bag


New line 2022
Harness Roll bag


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      Real Adventurers

      Hemos creado un producto perfecto para que montes en tu querida bicicleta y te lances a devorar tus próximas aventuras, mejorado y que cumple con todas tus necesidades, un producto útil, sostenible y pensado para hacer tus salidas más cómodas y seguras. Un producto pensado para todos los que como nosotros sienten que viajar les da la vida, para aquellos que sienten como se abren nuevos horizontes, como te hablan los caminos y como las gentes del lugar te guiñan el ojo porque aparte de visitar su zona has demostrado que puedes aportar, que eres capaz de cuidar el medio, aportar mientras disfrutas, aportar para que todo aquello que te gusta permanezca inalterado y que todo nuestro disfrute sea sostenible en el tiempo.

      Find out our essence

      The material of our Geosmina bags is full free of PVC in its composition, which together with the characteristics of the thermoplastics that compose them can be disposed of and recycled for future reuse. All our Geosmina products are manufactured under this slogan

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      Pon banda sonora a cada una de tus aventuras. Disfruta de la mejor música en nuestra playlist de Spotify. Haz click en el botón, sube el volumen y pedalea libre.


      Sharing adventures

      Seeing the world through the lens of his cameras is a real pleasure. A tireless traveller and a great communicator. This is Sergio Luna from Viajar & Roll


      Adeventure tricks

      Come in and discover some tips that will make your outings more enriching and enjoyable. Coming soon… Stay tunned!

      Bikepacking Guide

      Discover the most comprehensive guide to bikepacking to date. From A to Z we go through what bikepacking is and how you can make your experiences more successful


      Don’t know where to go? From here we offer you a series of tracks so that you can plan your future routes. Come in and enjoy! Coming soon… Stay tunned!

      Maintenance & Repairs

      Let yourself be guided by our experience, learn little tricks that will allow you to assemble your bags correctly, repair them, take care of them … Coming soon… Stay tunned!

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      Free Shipping

      Over 80€ free Shipping (Spain)

      Money Back Guarantee

      100% Money Back Guarantee

      24/7 Customer Support

      We will reply as soon as possible