Geosmina technology

Lightweight, resistant and waterproof. These are the premises that we follow at Geosmina to be able to offer the best possible product to guarantee that on your outings you have the peace of mind that everything works as it should.


The material used to manufacture our Geosmina bags is PVC-free. This, in conjunction with the thermoplastic features, means that they are recyclable and can therefore be discarded in the corresponding containers for future reuse. All of our Geosmina bags include this feature.

100% waterproof

Completely waterproof and resistant to water and dust. Any items carried inside our products bearing this icon will reach the destination completely dry.

YKK Waterproof zippers

Waterproof zippers that prevent water from seeping into the bag. They are essential in our tube bags since raindrops fall directly on them. All of our zippers also come with a grip for easy opening and closing, even when wearing winter gloves.

YKK plastic y-shaped buckles

Our YKK plastic y-shaped seals are light and resistant. Each one is designed to bear up to 88 lb (40 kg) and 143 lb (65 kg) depending on the model. The flexible tabs are designed to prevent breakage (even when twisted) and the rounded angles enable easy opening and closing.

Nylon with polyurethane (PU) coating

Our Nylon is treated with a polyurethane (PU) coating. This polymer repels small amounts of water to delay permeability and improves the material’s resistance thanks to its strong resistance to abrasion, extreme temperatures and moisture. All of our Geosmina bags undergo this process.

High Frequency welding process

The High Frequency welding process for the union of different Nylon panels makes your bag totally watertight, which turns it into a kind of armoured container against water and dust from the outside. This process also allows our Geosmina bags to adopt shapes that help to improve their ergonomics and aesthetics.


This elastomer is highly resistant to temperature changes (between -31 °F and 284 °F / -35 °C and 140 °C), traction and tearing; it is resistant to acids, fuels and oils; and it is also fireproof. Its high load capacity (90 kg per square centimeter) and low weight make it the perfect material for reinfor- cing key areas of Geosmina Bikepacking bags.

Logos and details in reflective 3M paint

Logos and details in reflective 3M paint to ensure they are easily seen in the dark. Safety is key and we must make ourselves visible to drivers when riding in low-light conditions. We want you to keep enjoying your adventure, even after the sun goes down.

Heat sealed seams

Seams heat sealed on the inside with thermoplastic to ensure maximum watertightness. No water will get in or out of your bags

Quick Release

The QuickRelease system for attaching and detaching the panniers is very easy to use. The top hooks are opened or closed by pulling the top handle. These hooks are equipped with soft bushings to prevent damage to the rack tube, thus improving the service life of the saddlebag. Our QuickRe- lease hooks are compatible with 8 to 16 mm tube holders by means of removable sleeves for 8, 10, 12 and 16 mm diameters and can be adjusted without the need for a tool.

Nylon-Ripstop TPU 420D | 840D | 210D | 600D | 70D

Nylon is an extremely tear and abrasion resistant fabric. All this without adding much weight to the bags. These are some of the characteristics that made us choose this material, but also its high drying speed, its extreme resistance to high temperatures, its resistance to mould and mildew and its great resistance to stretching and folding. Different densities ranging from 840D to 70D strategically used according to the characteristics of the bags and the required needs.