Geosmina Warranty

All of our products are tested to ensure they comply with quality standards for materials and manufacturing, so we are certain they we will fulfill their purpose and exceed your expectations. However, since the unexpected sometimes occurs, Geosmina provides a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship throughout the reasonable service life and intended use of its products.

This warranty does not apply to products that have been altered by the customer through improper use, breakage, etc., which will void the warranty. In the event of a defective product, the corresponding shipping charges will be covered by GEOSMINA. Shipping charges are at the expense of the customer in all other instances. If an order is cancelled before it has been shipped, the customer will not incur any charges. A product that is replaced may not be identical to the original model. In any case, the new version or model will be better since GEOSMINA products undergo continuous performance improvements. If the product is in good condition but the packaging (box, plastic or wrapping) is not, then the item cannot be returned. The same applies if the packaging (box, plastic or wrapping) is in good condition but the product is not. GEOSMINA will pick up the product and process the return through its courier service.

Products purchased at are covered by a one-year warranty as of the invoice date. This warranty covers manufacturing defects that may arise as well as product malfunctions during this period.

GEOSMINA is not liable for damage resulting from non-professional installation or products that have been modified or altered by the customer or another person who is not authorized by the manufacturer, as well as from improper use, alterations and/or clear signs of incorrect handling. The product to be repaired or replaced must be the same item that was originally sent by GEOSMINA and accompanied by the corresponding invoice.

If a product is to be repaired, the customer may process the repair directly by submitting a request and sending the item. To do so, the customer must contact GEOSMINA and request the corresponding instructions along with the authorization of RMA. Returns sent to technical support must be packaged and protected accordingly, without stickers or labels on the packaging and accompanied by the original protections. If the product reaches the GEOSMINA facility with damage attributable to the packaging or to inadequate protection, the repair may not be covered by the warranty. If the original packaging is not available, the customer must use a sturdy box that is large enough to hold the item with some extra space. The customer should place sufficient protective packaging material (bubble wrap, paper bags, foam, etc.) below, on top of and around the product to keep it from moving inside the box. The customer must include the RMA number provided by GEOSMINA on the shipping label.

The warranty does not cover consumables, defects caused by improper use or handling, connections to a power grid different from what is specified, incorrect installation and defects caused by external factors.

If a product does not work accordingly, immediately contact the manufacturer’s customer/technical support team or the representative/distributor, if applicable.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by external factors such as voltage drops or power surges, atmospheric phenomena, fire, water, abnormal use of the product, accidental drops or incorrect use by individuals or companies that are not authorized by GEOSMINA. The warranty also does not cover wear in terms of the number of hours or the improper use of hours, negligence before or after use, or issues resulting from incorrect installation, handling or storage.

GEOSMINA reserves the right to have every returned product analyzed by independent specialists and the warranty will be void if it is proven by the corresponding authorities that the breakage was caused by the customer or that the product was partially broken in order to force the application of the warranty with the aim of returning the product or being reimbursed. In these instances, the customer must pay for the cost of the specialists. GEOSMINA is not required to compensate the customer or third parties for the consequences of using the product. This includes direct or indirect damage, accidents suffered by people, damage to goods unrelated to the product and loss of profit.

The original sales receipt is required in order to receive the warranty service. Items returned without a sales receipt will not be covered by the warranty.

The Geosmina warranty only covers the original buyer with the original sales receipt of an authorized Geosmina distributor. Products purchased from unauthorized Geosmina retailers or individuals are not covered by this original warranty.